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Liberty Home Services are experts in monthly, seasonally, and yearly maintenance needs.


Varies Per Service


  • Check home water pressure.
  • Power wash whole home, porch/decks, & sidewalks.
  • Oil garage and garage parts
  • Inspect and clean window screens.
  • See full list of Yearly maintenance items HERE
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Our home service specialists will spend up to 1 hr. per month taking special care of your home.


$95 / Mo


  • Our home specialists will check furnace filters, water softener salt levels, AC registers and vent, etc. (dependent on the month)
  • Look at our monthly service schedule for specific items that will be addressed each visit.
  • See the full calendar HERE.
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Liberty Home Services has a large list of Seasonal and Standalone services.


Varies Per Service


  • Holiday setup and take down
  • Winterizing patio furniture
  • Leaf cleanup and disposal
  • Fertilize lawn
  • Deliver ice melt
  • Drain / Winterize hoses and exterior water lines.
  • See full list of seasonal and standalone services HERE.
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Additional Service Offerings

Year Round Upkeep

Clean Bathroom Fan Grill

Replace Batteries In Smoke & CO Detectors

Vacuum / Clean Under Refrigerators / Coils 

Change Out Refrigerator Water Filter

Top off / Fill Water Softener Salt

Empty / Clean Out Water Softener Salt Tank

Check and Replace Lightbulbs

Replace Furnace Air Filters

Exercise GFCI Outlets

Inspect Exterior of Home For Any Damage

Inspect / Ensure Interior & Exterior Vents Are Clean and Functioning

Inspect Roof Shingles For Damage

Full Length Dryer Vent Clean Out

Replace Caulk Seal Around Windows

Check / Replace Caulk In Bathrooms And Kitchens

Ensure No Leaks Under Sinks / Vanities

Clean Dishwasher Filters

Inspect Attic / Crawl Space For Water Damage

Inspect For Signs of Rodent / Insects / Pests

Ensure Window Wells Are Clear of Debris

Clean Out / Service Sink Aerators

Tighten / Install Door Knobs

Flush Drains

Flush Water Heater Tank

Clean Washing Machine Filter

Power-Wash Trash Cans

Power-Wash Home and Patio

Lubricate Garage Door

Toilet Installation

Seasonal Services

Takeout / Put Away Patio Furniture

Blow-Out Sprinkler Line

Clean Out Rain Gutters

Setup / Winterize Swamp Cooler

Clean Off AC Condenser Unit

Deliver Ice Melt

Holiday Services

Holiday Lighting Take Down / Set Up

Take Out / Put Away Christmas Tree & Holiday Decorations

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Regular maintenance is key to prolonging the lifespan and performance of your Home. Check out our monthly service schedule to see our variety of services we offer depending on the season.

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